Time For Vaccines

As we have already seen, the puppy, at two months of age, must be vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and leptospirosis. After four weeks, as a security measure, you should repeat. Every year after that you must repeat the process and, even in the cases when you suspect that an adult dog might contract such diseases, it isn't a bad idea to do it again.

If before the puppy has turned two months old, you feel it is necessary to vaccinate him because of the risk of an imminent disease, you can ask the veterinarian regarding the use of a gamaglobulin for canine use, without forgetting to ask the veterinarian what day it is best to proceed with the vaccination after the effect of the already mentioned gamaglobulin has passed.

The anti-rabies vaccination must be carried out yearly. The first time it must be done is when the puppy is three months old. Another, absolutely necessary, requisite is to have the corresponding certificate where the veterinarian signs and stamps every yearly vaccination. This serves as a document in case you need to travel or, God forbid, if your dog happens to bite someone.

Don't forget to administer the deworming solution a few days before the vaccination. The effect of the vaccination could be minimized if the animal is worm infested.

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