Too Bad The Half-Breed Dog Doesn't Cost Anything

A half-breed dog does not have an economic value; it isn't sold, it is given away. That is its first and worst handicap because, as everybody knows, anything that has a price is given more care and respect whereas something that is for free is usually taken for granted.

But it shouldn't be so. There are many people that know that a dog that has been brought in from the street usually has special affective qualities that will make the dog want to stay with his family forever and will be the recipient of your love and affection, as if he were pure-breed.

Remember that a puppy that is abandoned on the street has a 20% chance of ending up in a pound (where it is sacrificed if nobody wants it), a 50% chance of ending up under the tires of a car, a 20% chance of becoming a permanent tramp, and only a 10% chance of being adopted by a loving and caring person or animal protection society.

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