Training Your Puppy

If from day one, your puppy has only heard fights and screams, don't expect him to be an angel, because, inadvertently, you have been training him the wrong way. Although it may sound strange, but more often than not unstable and disorganized people expect that their dog have a totally different character than theirs, regardless of the circumstances. Dogs pick up people's moods and behaviors extraordinarily quickly, and although puppies won't react like an adult dog would, it does affect them psychologically.

Having said that, it shouldn't surprise you when you arrive home with a bad mood due to something that has occurred throughout the day, and nobody at home notices your mood except for your dog. Your dog has a sixth sense and can perceive your emotions. When the dog senses that it is not wise to get close to you, he won't; but if maybe you are going through a depression, perhaps because you've lost a loved one, your dog's reaction will be different, and he will understand that you need comforts and he will come close to you and show you some affection.

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