Understanding and Training a Dog

The natural qualities of the dog were first the condition for its domestication, determined also is cohabitation with the man. This title is about its behavior within the pack and its capacity to subject to a dog of a higher rank within the social hierarchy.

Your two-month old puppy is already at home. From this moment, we can say it is a delicate period, the puppy must understand quickly and once and for all several essential concepts. It is called the learning period. The puppy stores in its memory that you are the head of the pack, that your house is their world; briefly the puppy accepts this concept very quickly as if he were older. During the first two months you should not teach the dog. It is enough that he eat, sleep, play and exercise. When the dog is two months old, there should be a little bit of learning like to come every time you call him and get used to the leash. This training is essential to becoming a nice partner. Keep some important principles: talk nicely; an order given with strength is almost a punishment. If you scream constantly the comprehension skill of the dog will be weakened and the dog will not obey you just because you scream. The orders must be short, clear and identical. There is no other way that you will be certain that it has understood you. More than the content of the words, the dog perceives the rhythm and intonation of the voice. It is better to accompany the order with a precise gesture of the hand, thus later the dog will understand any order that you make at a distance. When the order has been executed correctly, congratulate and pad your pet.

Do not punish the dog unless it is strictly necessary, but never with cruelty. The first degree of punishment is the order of the strong voice. The changes of intonation and pitch of your voice will indicate that the dog that has done something bad. A stronger reprimand can consist of hitting the pet with a stick or better with a rolled-up newspaper. This produces a precise sound that the dog associates with the mischief he has committed. Later, it will be enough to show the dog the newspaper without touching him. Do not hit the dog with the hand or the leash. These are two things that the dog must always rely on!

Your first task in educating the puppy will be to respect cleanliness. In order to do that you should follow the three basic principles: do not be harsh on the puppy, punish the puppy immediately after the action (after a few minutes the punishment will not be effective, since the puppy will not establish a relationship of cause and effect), and never put the muzzle on the puddle that he has made on the floor. Watch the puppy constantly. When the puppy starts running or moaning or locating himself on the carpet or on any other warm object you should put the puppy out immediately and congratulate him if he pees outside. Naturally it may happen that you do not arrive on time and the puppy does it inside the house.

If you could not prevent the dog from peeing in the house, take him and show him the puddle, scold him and take him out. At the beginning the puppies pee more frequently twenty or more times a day. If you can reduce it to at least five times a day, you can expect to get his education right.

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