Where Is The Dog Going To Sleep?

After having given your new half-breed dog a name, you have to buy him a leash and collar and assign a corner exclusively for him. Who knows where the poor dog has slept until now? In a pound? In a solarium? Under a tree? In an old shack? Now, finally, the dog is "important". You have to provide him with a soft place to rest. It doesn't matter if his corner is in the closet, the kitchen, the garage, the hall or wherever as long as it is in a comfortable and somewhat quiet location. All the things that are there must be washed with certain frequency.

As a general rule, you must bear in mind that smaller dogs sleep better inside the house whereas bigger dogs can be placed outside in the patio, or in the garden – in a comfortable place, of course. If you want your dog to live in the fresh air, you have to make sure that he can protect himself under a roof and that he is in a place that is not too humid. The dog house should be placed where it won't be affected by strong winds. It must also be proportional to the size of the dog. You have to consider that the dog has to be able to move around inside without getting cramped. The classic house is made of wood, varnished on the inside and outside to protect it from corrosion and to avoid the formation of parasite nests. It is better to get a house which is easy to take apart and put together again so that the periodic cleaning can be done easily.

If you want to build the dog house, you have to consider that it has to have only one main wide opening, which allows the dog to enter and go out without any problems. During cold winter days, you can place a thick blanket on the entrance, protecting your dog from the humidity and, thus, form the resulting sequel of rheumatism that can afflict your dog while he is still young.

Lastly it's a good idea to place the house on something that elevates it at least ten 4 inches from the ground level. The roof must also be waterproof. Inside the house, place a small mattress or an old blanket. Remember to air these things out when the sun is out.

And if you observe that your dog is suffering because of the cold winter, you might want to consider letting him inside the house to rest in a warm corner. The garage is generally a good place, but you must be careful that the dog doesn't get too close to the gas pipes of your car.

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