Your Dog Will Also Feel Happy In The City

Dogs, especially small ones, feel comfortable in apartments, but they do appreciate being taken out for their daily walks, and occasionally to a big park or to the country. However, you must make sure they don't get used to making a mess inside the apartment or to making a lot of noise.

Open-air exercise is a basic need for the dog, Animals that live in the country or on a farm don't have that problem, but dogs that live in apartments, do. Exercise, plenty of sunlight and fresh air contribute towards their good health, making them put their muscles and lungs to good use.

It is advisable that city dogs, apart from the short hygienic walks to the park, also have at least a longer walk or run once a day. Dogs that don't do much exercise get fat quicker and become lazier sooner and also lose their resistance to fatigue and many diseases. The mutt or half-breed dog can usually tolerate cold weather better than his aristocratic relatives but, like all dogs, shouldn't be exposed to humid heat, especially when above 36` Celsius in shade. Dogs don't sweat and their organisms don't perform any elimination of salts; therefore, their breathing intensifies according to the environmental conditions.

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