Dog Grooming

Basic Dog Grooming of hair and skin: A dog's coat can be long and soft like those of the Afghan Hounds, Shih-Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, etc… The coat can be thick and dense as found on the Siberian Husky, German Shepherd and other dogs that have descended from extreme cold geographic regions and whose coats usually have a heavy undercoat that is then protected by a weather resistant outer coat (topcoat).
Then there are the wire-haired breeds and this list includes the Fox Terrier, Airedale Terrier, West Highland Terrier, among others. It is usually recommended that these types of coats be allowed to keep their stiff texture.
Poodles have what is often referred to as a curly-haired coat and then there are the corded coats of the Puli or Kuvasz. It is crucial that anyone who wishes to properly groom and care for dog coats learn first how recognize and to properly brush and comb all the different types of coats. And the first step to learning this is to learn how to choose the best brush, comb or grooming instrument for each particular coat. Along with this is learning the proper direction to work the coat, so as to obtain the best result, whether it is with or against the lay of the hair. It is important that we also keep in mind that a dog's hair grows out of its skin and for this reason it is also good to have an understanding of the skin's functions and problems to that you will be better prepared to deal with any possible problems.

Dog Grooming Type Hair & Coat Lay of dog hair 2 Lay of dog hair 1 Dog Skin Lay of dog hair Dog coats Characteristics of Dog Hair Dog Coat Coat Types Semi Long Hair Why Groom Training Looking Good Dog Health Understanding Precautions when grooming 2 Precautions when grooming 1 Dog grooming training Precautions when grooming Dog groomers Dog styles Products Supplies Shampoos Dog conditioners Accessories Grooming Tools Dog care equipment Dog care Anal gland Anal glands 2 Clean Ears Ears Dogs ears Anal glands Dog Teeth Basic dog grooming 1 Basic dog grooming 2 Bathing your dog Dog wash Hair drying Knots Basic Grooming Brushing Care Electric Clippers Grooming Cutting scissors Scissors Trim Hairs More poodle styles 1 Dog haircuts Still more poodle styles 2 Still more poodle styles 4 Still more poodle styles 3 Still more poodle styles 1 More poodle styles 3 More poodle styles 4 More poodle styles 2 Poodle styles 4 Poodle styles 3 Poodle styles 2 Poodle styles 1 Poodle Grooming Poodle styles Still more poodle styles Bichon Frise Bichon Frise 1 Bichon Frise 2 Bichon Frise 3 Bichon Frise 4 Afghan Hound Afghan Hound English Spaniel English Spaniel 1 English Spaniel 2 English Spaniel 3 English Spaniel 4 Airedale Terrier Airedale Terrier 1 Airedale Terrier 2 Airedale Terrier 3 Airedale Terrier 4 West Highland Terrier Collie Collie 1 Collie 2 American Spaniel American Spaniel 1 American Spaniel 2 American Spaniel 3 American Spaniel 4 American Spaniel 5 Teckel Teckel grooming Fox Terrier Fox Terrier 1 Fox Terrier 2 Fox Terrier 3 Fox Terrier 4 Shih tzu Shih Tzu grooming Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier 1 Yorkshire Terrier 2 Yorkshire Terrier 3 Yorkshire Terrier 4 Schnauzer Schnauzer 1 Schnauzer 2 Schnauzer 3 Schnauzer 4 Scottish Terrier Scottish Terrier 1 Scottish Terrier 2 Scottish Terrier 3 Scottish Terrier 4 Setter Setter grooming