Basic Dog Care & Grooming

Nail clipping: The most effective way to trim a dog's nails is to stand up and place the dog over the table. The hind of the dog should be towards the left and the head towards the right, so that you can keep him calm. You will need to start by trimming the dogs hind paws first. Place your left arm over the back of the dog and hold on to his posterior left paw. Use your right hand to place the nail clippers near the dog and place your arm in front of the dog's chest and underneath his head. This will allow you to hold him up against your body and you will stand a better chance of keeping him still in case he tries to move abruptly.

You should hold the dog's right posterior paw with your left hand, placing your right arm underneath the dog's tail and in between his thigh. The left front paw should also be held with your left and your arm should be placed the same way over the dog. Once you have your dog in position, you will need to trim his nails one by one and make sure you only cut the tip of the dogs nail. Make sure the trimmed nail is clear and transparent, you should be able to see the dogs skin underneath.

Then cut again, but only half a millimeter, this will avoid the dog's nail from getting cut and bleeding. If your dog's nail is dark you will have to be very careful and only trim it slightly. If your dog's nail has a square shape to it, it doesn't need to get trimmed, however, if it is pointy you will need to trim it. Don't forget to trim the dog's dewclaws. If your dogs paw starts to bleed immediately apply styptic powder over it by using a moist cotton swab to stop the hemorrhage and make sure to console your dog.

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