Cutting dog hair with scissors

Using an electric hair trimmer is less dangerous than scissors, however it is still a dangerous item and must be handled carefully. Usually when people first start out using them they are very careful, the problem usually occurs when a person gains full confidence and gets careless and that's when accidents happen. Cutting with scissors should be something that is done is certain areas of the dog's body such as on the margins of the dog's ears, around the tail etc. however, there are also times when you will need to use them on other parts of the dog's body and it is a bit more complicated. There are certain breeds that need to get their hair trimmed, as it is an essential part of their grooming and there are certain areas that need to be done such as the abdomen, under the paws, throat area etc. With the exception of a few breeds, trimming goes along with grooming and it is not a difficult thing to learn granted you work with the right equipment with patience and attentiveness.

Safety precautions: When using an electric trimmer on your dog make sure to lean the blade flat on the area of the dog that you are working on in order to avoid accidents.

  • In most cases you will need to trim the dog's hair towards the direction of his hair in order to avoid a wrong cut.
  • Always use the adequate blade depending on the longitude of the dog's hair.
  • Keep the electric trimmer clean and grease it when necessary.
  • Pay special attention when working on small areas of the dog's body, which are the articulations, the face, the ears etc.
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