Dog Grooming Tools: Currycomb, Brush, Trimmer, Nail Clipper

Currycombs: Currycombs are made out of rigid metal point and they have a wooden or plastic handle. They are very useful if you are looking to get rid of large amounts of hair that has shed (such as for German Shepherds), currycombs are also used to untangle knots in certain parts of the dog's body such as their ears, paws or tail. It's very important to use this instrument carefully as it can cause harm to the dog's skin if pulled on too hard.

Dog brushes: There are many different types of brushes for dogs; however, professional dog groomers do not use them that much because they prefer to use teasels. Brushes are great for breeds that have long and fragile hair, especially if the coat is getting properly taken care of. You can choose between metal brushes, plastic ones, hard ones of soft ones.

Dog trimmers: Trimming blades have a plastic or wooden handle and they help the dog owner to easily pull out small patches of dead hair by grabbing the dead hair in between the blade and your thumb. The size of the trimming blade can be medium size for areas that need to be well trimmed such as the stomach, and or fine for the areas that need to be shaved such as the throat, ears etc.

Dog nail clippers: Nail clippers are an indispensable item. It' s important to learn how to trim your dog's nails and to do it neatly. There are two different and basic types of nail clippers, both of which work well. One is the guillotine style clipper, and the other is the standard scissors style nail clipper. These models come in different sizes. The basic models work just fine. When the nail cutter no longer cuts its time to get a new one.

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