English Spaniel Grooming

Material to use: Electric trimmer, soft and hard teasel, comb, curved scissors, serrated scissors, trimmer.

Instructions: Grooming an English SpanielPull or shave the hair of the head until the back of the neck. Use the electric trimmer in the direction of the hair (number 10) to do the face, throat (in v shape from the ears until under the inferior chin). Shave a third part of the ears (interior and exterior). Pull or shave the hair on the neck and back and the upper part of the tail (number 7/8). The inferior part and sides must be done with the serrated scissors.

Use the trimmer on the neck, chest and shoulders keeping the chest in an inverted v shape starting from the top of the sternustyle of Grooming an English Spanielm.
Shave the hair on the paws (leave some locks of hair on them) and the b
ottom part of the behind paws. Then, trim the hair on the paws, chest, and stomach.
Cut the contour of the paws with the curved scissors leaving the paws in a rounded shape.
Untangle the hair with the teasel and then with the comb. Next, shave the abdomen, the crotch area and around the anus if necessary.
Use the electric trimmer on the lower parts of the paws. Trim the nails. Next, bathe the dog and dry with a dryer on low. Brush out the coat and use the serrated scissors to get rid any uneven areas. Brush the coat again and even out the locks, the tail and the contour of the paws. The abundant hair left on the posterior part of the extremities can be slightly cut with the groom a dogserrated scissors underneath the locks.

ways to Grooming an English Spaniel

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