Fox Terrier

Material to use: Electric trimmer, teasel, comb, trimmer, straight, curved and serrated scissors.

Instructions: Fox Terrier Grooming
Shave the dog's head with the electric trimmer this should be done starting from about 2 centimeters behind the eyebrows, until the protuberance of the back part of the head including the ears both inside and out; make sure to always cut in the direction of the hair. Once you have finished with the third part of the of the external part of the eyebrows (be very careful with the eyelids), shave Fox Terrier Groomingthe cheeks vertically starting from the external angle of the eye. Next shave behind one of the lines that go from the internal angle of the eyes to the corner of the lips, and then the throat until this line.

Pluck starting from the nape to the top part of the tail (the sides and the bottom part of the tail will need to get cut with serrated scissors).Fox Terrier Grooming style

Work your way down the trunk of the body until a line that starts from the inferior part of the shoulder blade until the crotch. Even out the chest hair and leave a few locks of hair.

Clear the shoulder until the superior part of the front legs. Behind these you will need to use the electric trimmer starting from the middle of the thigh to the hock and flatten out the bottom area. Shave theFox Terrier Grooming abdomen the contour of the crotch and the part above the thighs, then, mark below the paws. Cut the contour of the ears in a point shape with the straight scissors. Pluck the inside of the ears and trim the nails.

Cut the locks of hair from under (until the elbow) marking the sides right behind the ribs in order to give volume to the chest. Cut heel area of the hind legs with the straight scissors and the front ones with the curved scissors. Then brush the dog's hair forward and even out the eyebrows and sculpture the head to where it looks rectangular.

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