Dog Health and Grooming

Although it is true that a dogs coat needs to be well taken care of, what good will this do if we do not attend and take care of everything else as far as our dog's health and hygiene is concerned? Here are some grooming tips on what a good owner should always check to ensure the well being of his or her dog.

Ears: The characteristics of dog's ears vary depending on the breed. The dog's ears must be periodically checked to make sure there are not irritations, which is a sign of infection or inflammation.

Eyes: A dog's eyes must be cleaned periodically and checked for any signs of conjunctivitis or redness. Sometimes foreign objects get stuck in a dog's eyes and it is extremely uncomfortable.

Teeth: Make sure to brush your dog's teeth by using a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste. (Never use human toothpaste.)

Nails: Many dog owners are afraid of cutting their dog's nails themselves because of fear of cutting their dog. If you have not learned how to do this, you must take your dog to the veterinarian to get them trimmed. Nails that are not trimmed can be very painful for a dog.

Anal glands: These are situated in the anus and they sometimes secrete a dark, pasty substance. Smaller dogs have a tendency to have problems with their anal glands as they become obstructed and must be expressed otherwise they can get swollen and cause problems.

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