Dog Behavior Changing & Alterating illness

Symptomatology: The constant relation with your dog leads you to know him well. You know how he shows his joy, pain or welfare. But maybe sometime you have to face a change in conduct, which you cannot explain or understand, and that even worries you. In the following chapters we will treat some syndromes that will help you to understand quickly sudden strange behaviors of your dog. This will prevent your taking of a wrong or delayed decision.

Teckel paralysis: We have talk about this above. When appears suddenly, an alteration of the nervous system is a great possibility. Strong pains and limited movements turn your dog aggressive and unpredictable. Of course causes must be fought. Indifference, incomprehension or even punishment will only aggravate his pains.

Epilepsy: In case of epilepsy, dogs don't receive any treatment, or spare. Many dog's owners do not take seriously this acute access, with lost of conscience for some seconds, cause quick after things turn normal. However if you see one of these attacks in your dog, you should rush to the vet, cause each convulsion kills brain's neurons. The vet will prescribe pills for a lasting treatment to prevent attacks. Small patient will, then, have a normal life.

Important: During an acute convulsive attack, leave him lying, because he could bite. Don't bring the vet till he calms down.

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