Dog Bone fractures

If the dog has had an accident and later starts suffering from some paralyzation, you must go to the vet for advice. You must not sit and wait, trusting in nature if you don't have an exact diagnostic, usually through an X ray analysis. Fractures without complications are cured with a compression bandage (scagliola, plastic). More serious fractures should be fixed with clutches or screws).

Injured pads: When dogs run too much on the streets, they usually get hurt in their pads. Are very painful, especially in winter, if in the streets is salt for ice. The remedy is to put him boots that can be bought in dog's shops. Sprays for pads that some animal's shops sell have a preventive effect and can also cure. But even better is a synthetic tincture with nylon fibers.

Interdigital eczema's: If you notice a clear painful reaction, but cannot verify the presence of a strange body, and discards a possible injury, you should watch closely the skin between pads. It could be the so called intertrigo, a very painful eczema that appears between fingers.

Some minimal alterations (some redness, little foruncles, some stuck hair, etc) produce sometimes a clear paralyzation. A treatment based on good talcum powder or a cream (don't forget the protective bandage!) Provides him a quick relief.

Important: If this treatment doesn't works, go to your vet.

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