Canine infectious hepatitis

The Hepatitis infectiosa canis (H.i.c.) develops, more or less, similar to distemper. Puppies usually die suddenly, while adults as in distemper have all the signs of a severe cold with fever. However, the second fever access is lacking. If the abdomen is pressed (raising the dog from the floor), affected animals suffer. The cornea darkens frequently after the disease is over. In infectious hepatitis, cure probabilities are higher that in distemper, if a medical treatment is administrated on time, though in case of puppies will usually be too late. If we think about future complications- cornea darkening, neurological disturbances- it won't be hard to opt for the preventive vaccine, with guaranteed effect.

Leptospirosis: This disease, called also Stuttgart canine infection, is caused by determined bacteria, Leptospira icterohaemorragiae. There are many types of leptospiras in gnawing animals and in water. Hunting dogs are then, especially threatened. The first sign of leptospirosis usually is a weakening of the back part of the body, with the subsequent difficulty to go upstairs. Then comes a prostration state with red eyes- like in distemper-and his health worsens, especially when diarrhea and vomits are added. Yellow eyes and a similar color in the fauces mucouses are certain signs of serious jaundice. Comes always with nefritis, with presence of albumen in urine. Nevertheless, if treated in time, cure possibilities are relatively good. Leptospirosis has a special importance because some pathogen agents may cause affections to people.

Important: In cases of leptospirosis a preventive vaccine is recommendable, though effects are not guaranteed as in afore mentioned diseases.

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