Choosing a Dog veterinarian

What is an adequate dog vet? As a dog's owner you won't be alone. On one side you will have a loyal quadruped mate; on the other, you will relate with other dog's lovers. In these circumstances you can tell your experiences to others and vice versa, discuss problems, and of course veterinarians. One thing is sure: anybody who has a dog will need a vet. Even if the dog's health is good, sometimes he will need an injection; the specialist that knows well your dog, will give him vermifuges, sedatives and preparations against fleas.

If you have not taken your animal to the vet yet, ask to other dog's owners.

Nevertheless, some basic knowledge is useful, so you won't ask a vet boss to cut your dog's nails. Veterinary specializations are now more than 30! It goes from birds specialists to fishes experts, apart from feeding scientific or microbiologists.

Big animals veterinary: It's hard to find him at home, and has no consult hours for small animals. Nevertheless, in an emergency, the general vet, specialized in big animals, will attend your dog as well and will help him, for instance, in injury cases. If required he will also apply him the usual vaccines. You'll have to get a date with him, but don't expect too much interest for small animals needs, but a great professional help and a good advice of how to continue treatment if needed.

Big animal veterinarian attending small ones: No matter their rush and lack of time, this vets regularly attend small animals at their consults for big ones. Their interest for small animals is high, and their professional capacities as well.

Small animal veterinarian: His consult usually is in the city and has specific attention hours. However, due to modern life, the vet usually is out rather than in his office. In general, there are no home visits (only emergencies). Think the following: even using a cab to go to the vet, the cost will be less than if the expert goes searching for your home. While attending the vet tames even the wildest dog. It's easy to handle them, specially having expert help. At home, the dog will not only defend his skin, but will feel obliged to defend his territory, no matter the cost. Therefore, as possible, take him to the vet and not the other way.

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