Dog Coprostasia and Coprostasis

Unfortunately, is not rare a case of hard and grumous feces accumulation in the blind intestine. Cause is usually alimentation based on eggs; Experts talk of coprostasia that means persistent constipation. You can detect it when the animal bends down repeatedly to defecate, but does nothing no matter how hard and painful are his efforts.

Don't give him laxatives! Much effective is a glycerine clyster that can be finding at any drugstore. Ask for some kind appropriated for children. The hard mass will soften, and then after some time, the first clots will be dissolved.

You can repeat this enema from three to four times a day. If not succesful leave it to the vet, he can find a solution when you are helpless.

Don't ever sit and wait! Dryness aggravates coprostasia in just hours.

Prostatic affections: When old dogs frequently suffer constipation, a prostatic affection could be a possibility. The gland called prostate, which normally has the size of a nut, can grow and reach an apple dimension, oppressing the rectum. An X ray analysis will allow us to watch it clearly. Remedy consists in hormonal treatment or even castration. Cure expectatives are good.

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