Care for Dog Bites

As pack's animal, dogs have strong social bonds. With his gestures, from a kind face to a menacing bite, he makes his presence felt by everybody around. However, sudden aggressions ending in bites may occur. There is a universal rule after fighting: if the dog stands still, no viscera gets out and there's no bleeding, we don't have to rush. Treatment to be used in these cases is the same as those for traffic accidents. Lacerations and uprooted skin are not serious and are easily cured, as far as wounds have a way out.

You must take care specially of dogs attacked by older ones. Usually end upset, with the nape's skin impregnated with saliva, but without wounds in that zone. However take him to the vet! The big dog has shaken the small one producing skin lacerations somewhere?

In that case, the vet will open the wound and will give antibiotics for some days.

Important: The first thing you have to do is to separate the animals! A simple call is useless, probably our dog will react and the other will consider it a sign of weakness. In case of small dogs you may try to hold them both by the nape's skin, and separate them. To do this, you need courage and I don't want to feel responsible for the consequences if you failure.

Hunters usually witness biting fights and know how to act: each one of the owners catches the animal from the tail- if tailless by a back leg- and pulls. To avoid bites they shout to their dogs.

If the dog has fever 2 or 3 days after the biting fight, rush to the vet.

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