Advantages - Disadvantage of Dog castration or neutering. Why - Pro - Con

In case of a female, castration means surgical extirpation of both ovaries. This surgery is usually mixed with a partial ablation of the matrix. This surgery has some advantages, but also inconveniences that we should discuss.

Advantages of dog castration:

  1. The female dog will never have heat periods, and will be sexually neutral
  2. Danger of pus accumulatio in the matrix (piometra) is excluded
  3. Mammary glands tumors are less frequent
  4. The animal becomes more loyal and meek
  5. Castration therefore, not only is good for owner's comfort, but also brings sanitary advantages for the animal.

Disadvantages of dog castration:

  1. Castration is irreversible
  2. Surgery is heatinary for an expert, but there is always some risk
  3. Sexual neutralization through injection or castration eliminate some vital energy, if the animal is feeded the same way as before his weight will be increased. Generally, to avoid obesity or at least to keep his weight within certain limits, you'll have to decrease the amount of food. Breed's characteristics are also important: cockers are in great risk, while greyhounds do not fatten too much.
  4. Character alterations cannot be predicted; many females do not change at all. What happens is that as males do not attract them any more, they become more loyal to their owners, and maybe very meek? Judging her behavior you can never guess how she would have been without castration, just by getting older; any not wanted characteristic is usually associated to this surgery.
  5. After operation, she may have slight urine incontinence, especially when castrated too young. Nevertheless, an adequate hormonal treatment generally has good results.

Important: If you doubt between castration and not wanted secondary effects, or if you want to know how she will react – if her behavior is going to change, or if she is going to fatten- then go to your vet and ask him to inject your female dog with a "contraceptive shot". It's a very good method, that means something like a "on trial castration", that is, not definitive. However, you won't benefit your dog if you start treatment and then abandon it many times. Contrary to other experts, it's not good for organism to reinitiate normal cycle each two years after being inhibited.

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