Dog diarrhea

Liquid and frequent feces are not a disease but a symptom. Therefore, it's important to eliminate the cause.

When the dog's temperature rises above 38, 5°C, and the animal stops eating, and looks tired, you must take him quickly to the vet. If not possible, you''ll have to think about the way to solve it.

Neurosis: When a well educated dog, starts to dirt the house, but does it lively, you can think about neurosis. Is there any change in your family? Is there, perhaps a new baby, or a guest? Have you change the place where he sleeps or eat? Does he stays alone for long times?

Obviously, you can't throw out your gest if that's the case, but maybe you can change some things. Basically, give him more attention and reprimand him only when he soils the house.

Feeding errors: A frequent cause for sudden diarrhea is feeding errors. There are few general rules to avoid it. Some food have laxative effects in a dog, while are good enough for another. Laxatives could be: crude liver, crude meat, milk, crude eggs (that are not so healthy are supposed), and greasy food.

Important: If your dog's food has been temporarily changed, go back to the old one.In many cases this will be enough to cure him.

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