Dog eyes diseases

Dogs are smelling animals, and orientate within their environment thanks to this highly developed sense. However, is in their eyes where we can detect their mood or health condition.

Dog eye diseases




Conjunctivitis (keeps his appetite)


Eliminate the cause (air flows), drops to relieve irritation.

Strange bodies


Extraction; leave it to the vet.

Traces of dark secretions


Drops against irritation and refreshing with hydrogen peroxide.

Purulent conjunctivitis (keeps his appetite)


Drops / creams with antibiotic.

Conjunctivitis with lost of appetite (fever)


Veterinary general treatment, there is general infection.

Entropion (eyelid curved inwards)

Extremely painful

Only through surgery.

Ectropion (eyelid curved outwards)


Drops. Possible operation. Hereditary.

Cataracts (darkening of the eye)


Surgery only in exceptional cases. It's an old age disease.



Artificial tears. May be operated.



Drops. May be operated.

If his eyes get red suddenly, weep readily and are usually closed, then there is conjunctivitis. Good appetite, lack of fever and normal behavior indicate us that inflammation is not serious. The dog was probably exposed to some air flow. At his height that is almost at floor level are usually strong flowing. There is where they like to lye cause allows them to smell outside odors.

A suggestion: With a lighten candle you can check if there are air flows!

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