False Dog Pregnancy

Even if the female dog has milk and his abdomen is rounded, which not always happens, it could be, however, a false pregnancy, that affects painfully many of them. Statistics say 13% of females have it. To relief pain and distract the dog, you can refresh her red and turgent teats. For this purpose use a towel with ice cubes wrapped. The vet can help administrating her hormonal shot. Definitive remedy will be castration.

Hydropsy: If the dog has a thick abdomen, but is thin, and even squalid, it's a bad symptom. Everything points to an abdomen hydropsy (ascitis). At first sight, the animal may seem fat, but his skin folds are thin, his back angular, and inside the abdomen agitates a great amount of liquid. It's a serious disease with not favorable prognostic, even with an adequate treatment. Don't waste time and go to the vet!

Piometra: In the feared production of pus in the uterus called piometra, increase of the body perimeter is only a symptom among many others (and even may be absent). If the female dog has an increasing thirst, eats less, vomits occasionally, and has fluxes even out of her heat period, you must always think about piometra. Old female dogs that have never delivered are specially threatened. At the first suspicious, go to the vet, cause hopes of cure are better when treated early.

Dog pregnancy: If you have a female dog and notice her abdomen is getting round, you must obviously think of pregnancy, even if she is an old animal and you have not seen her coupling. In case of pregnancy, the whole body won't get round (skin foldings are not especially thick), only her abdomen will swell considerably, which you can see easily watching her from the back. Pregnancy lasts between 59 and 67 days. We'll know exactly her condition when a specialist touches her (difficult method), or by means of an ultrasonic examination.

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