Dog heart stroke, Stomach torsion, Neurosis

On some occasions, wrong explanations from owners lead the vet to a wrong diagnostic, an epilepsy attack. Regarding heart stroke symptoms, usually the animal does not lose conscience during the crisis, which lasts at least some minutes. Besides the dog must cough several times before the attack.

Important: The greater accuracy to describe symptoms to the vet, the fastest he will give a correct diagnostic, and start adequate treatment.

Lumbago: Due to strong pains, an acute lumbago drives the dog crazy. He won't let you touch him, will try to bite, will be very aggressive, and will keep his head inclined sometimes. The vet can quickly relief him with strong analgesics. Don't torture him with home remedies!

Love pains: One who sees for the first time a dog with love pains, will think his moans, howls and constant scratching of the door are signs of a serious affection. But, though you can understand correctly the male's behavior, you must do something to help him. To lock him up, without much help, will be like torturing him. Animal's friends give them when passing through this, guaranteed sedatives given by the vet.

Stomach torsion: When big size dogs suddenly show, after a meal, signs of strong pain revolve and scream, and his body swells clearly, they may be suffering from stomach torsion. This is a dangerous affection, and requires a quick attention from the vet.

Important: Each minute you let to go by will reduce your dog's hope of living. Surgery is urgent, though risky, because usually the circulatory system has been damaged. The sooner you take him to the vet, the lesser the risk of death.

Neurosis: Some dogs suddenly turn dirty, tend to bite and are intolerable. If they have no known disease, it may be a neurosis. Nevertheless, investigating causes is not simple: it could be a change in the "family hierarchy" (a baby), a new place to sleep, reduction of petting or some incredible punishment. You must find it! The help of an expert canine psychologist is, in any case, the best medicine.

False pregnancy: We have already treated this disturbance. Those that have experienced this for the first time in his female dog will think maybe, of an acute spiritual affection. However remedy is quite simple: don't worry too much and go out to walk with her

Hydrophobia: Many conduct changes: fear, shyness, some low barks, irresolute walking and abundant salivation, could indicate hydrophobia. Don't panic at the first thought, ask your vets to help you. The risk of a mortal affection in your own house justifies any cost.

Intoxication: More than one intoxication has been wrongly considered as hydrophobia. Due to the wide range of possible poisons, to list them will result almost impossible.

Important: In case of obvious changes in the dog's behavior, my advice is, for your own good and the animal's relief, to take him quickly to the vet.

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