Dog Hormonal Repression. Neutering, Sterilization, Castration

Some dogs have strong sexual impulse (satiriasis), others are constantly in an upsetting alarm state due to the presence of several females in the neighborhood. Appeasement in the short term has no sense. Solution for these cases is hormonal preparations (of the same kind as those given to females to inhibit heats at long term). These are shots and their effects last for a long time, though it is not predictable. When an active dog cohabits with females in heat, you can expect an efficiency of 2 to 3 weeks, if better till 3 months or more. There are not secondary effects to fear, and in any case they become quieter and meek.

Important: Something must be understood quite clear: sedatives and hormonal preparations are not an absolute guarantee against an unwanted covering, so other measures must be strengthen to avoid damage claims.

Dog Castration: Castration of a dog finds especially in male, strong psychological objections, hard to explain clearly. Surgery is not complicated and is done without pain under total anesthesia. The adult dog will maintain his masculine aspect, and only those castrated when young will have a youthful and feminine aspect. The male's psyche suffers, however, more as consequence of his impulse repression than for the absence of it. We must not consider this circumstance from a human point of view: the animal has no feeling of lost at all!

Castrated dogs turn quieter, so this is the definitive solution in cases of excessive aggressiveness. Against obesity, the same said before for castrated females is valid; with an adequate diet no problem will come up. Therefore, it can be said that castration is the most effective method to turn hyperactive dogs into formal domestic mates. Practically there are no medical objections.

Dog sterilization: In this surgery, ovarian channels of the females or male's seminales are sectioned. Females and males continue to be sexually active, though cannot procreate. This however, does not reduce owner's inconveniences, so this method should not be considered.

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