Car & Dog injuries and Diseases

Dog traffic accidents: We all have seen it, a brake's scream, and then a strong noise. The dog lays on the highway or has been thrown out of it. We can hardly see; however, we must do something, quickly and decisively.

A series of measures must be taken, though all people involved are upset.

  1. Identify the car. For a driver this is always a painful accident that can produce strange reactions.
  2. Put him a leash quickly. The animal, strongly shocked, will try to rise up shaking, or will stay lying, depends on how strong was the blow. So put a leash on, cause very frequently even meek and obedient dogs try to runaway after the accident.
  3. Watch the dog carefully. He may rise up normally, and even start to walk. Later on, when pain starts, he will have bad aspect. Vet's indications after initial examination will be important, because if the dog walks, surely there is no broken bone.
  4. Don't argue with the driver, immediately after the accident, about who's fault it was.
  5. Keep cool and think what's next, once shock is over; witnesses have gone and you are alone with your dog. If an hemorrhage appears you should stop it. Don't tie any extremity! Get some bandage and press around the bleeding zone. Then press over it firmly.

Find your vet as soon as possible; if possible phone him previously, so he will be prepared when you arrive.

Let's suppose that after collision the dog rises up and walks without moaning- though upset and shaking. Though hemorrhage or internal injuries may have been produced, you must keep walking: if in general he looks well and starts getting better, danger of serious affection diminishes. If the dog urinates and defecates and there is no blood in any case, you can calm down. Once at home, examine his whole body carefully. In case of scratches or lacerations, you must cut hairs with curve scissors. If the dog can't lick his wound, spread talcum powder over it. Open wounds must be cured by the vet with local anesthesia.

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