Overweight Dog

Obesity: If a dog has good appetite and a satisfactory general condition and fattens constantly, we can bet it's a case of obesity, called scientifically adiposity, a frequent canine disease, maybe the most frequent. According to statistics, around 30% of German dogs, for instance, are too fat. We can recognize obesity by the regular roundness of the whole body; when grabbing a skin fold, we are holding an authentic bacon piece. Obesity comes from a clear disproportion between feeding and movement, especially if we judge the dog's alimentary behavior according to human standards.

If a person eats with avidity and celerity, is because is abnormally hungry and wants to fill his stomach. In dogs things are different. Being a pack's animal, he must share always irregular meals with his mates, where superiors have preference. In his domestic community is, generally, in the lower place of the hierarchy, and he feels conditioned to eat as quickly as possible. Therefore, do not fill his bowl systematically, but limit his food reasonably.

Treating obesity is, at the beginning, simple (reduce rations), but really is extremely difficult. You must talk to all those that feed him along the day.

Give him spare food before a walk; then the dog will distract and will not start begging. food must be reduced (half of the usual ration), with few greases and carbon hydrates. There are also special diets, as unique food, to slender the dog, He must eat no other food. After an initial doubt, the dog will take what is given. Count till 2 months before he reaches his normal weight.

Regular movement is good, in any case, helps to cure, but is no substitute of diet. Dogs are not free as wolves, which can walk 60 to 90 km. on a night.

Important: The animal must be fed by only one person of the family, which must give him a controlled food daily.




Adiposity (obesity)

Reduce alimentation

False pregnancy

Shot (vet)


Only to be treated by the vet

Piometra (purulent infection of the matrix)

Surgery (vet)

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