Dog tumors and tumefactions

Tumors: Dogs frequently suffer from tumors, especially in their older ages. The most common are the mammary tumors. One of two old female dogs develops nodules; perceptible to tact, in their teats. It's the only kind of tumor that can be treated, castrating the young animal. So the possibility of a tumor in the teats is reduced. You have to watch carefully these tumors and operate them in the appropriate moment. It's easy to examine a dog to detect these nodules. Tickle him while you watch, and he will let you do it. Start sliding your hand swiftly on his skin, and try to detect possible protuberances. Then go to the teats, also in male dogs. Massage them smoothly.

A timely operation is simple, without complications. In a female in heat period, or with false pregnancy you'll touch many protuberances. Don't ┬┤panic, they are related with her hormonal condition and will disappear soon! Nevertheless, watch them carefully.

Sebaceous cysts: Under the skin sometimes develop tumors than can grow quickly. You can touch them and seem like bags full of liquid. These are the so called sebaceous cysts, that must be extirpated through surgery alongside their capsules.

A suggestion: There are a dozen types of tumors, each one with different grades of risk. If the vet tells you to make a microscopic analysis of the tumor after surgery, accept it. Diagnostic perspectives will be better.

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