Dog ulcers, Lip eczema, Tongue Choking

Gum's ulcers exhale a corrupt odor, and maybe caused by a bad denture. Poodles have ulcers frequently.

Important: As described symptoms may also be the first signs of affection, you must take the dog to the vet. He is the only one that can give a safe diagnosis.

Canine tumors: We have casually discover tumors in gums. If they cause pain while eating, must be eliminated through surgery. It's not a difficult case, though the existence of a malign tumor must be discarded.

Strange bodies in the oral cavity: The dog suddenly stops eating, scrapes the snout, obviously he cannot swallow and looks upset. Is not hydrophobia? No, I suspect a strange body is incrusted in the oral cavity. Most of times it's a bone, but it can also be some branches or stones. Try to take away it with your fingers, if you dare. If not, the vet will do it with strong clamps.

Tongue Choking: When you notice such curious signs as those described for the presence of strange bodies in the oral cavity, you should watch the tongue. Excepting chow-chow, this is a movable pale rose organ. If it has a dark red color and a strong swelling, maybe is a tongue strangling. Have the dog eat lung? In that case, maybe he has introduced his tongue in one of the cartilaginous rings of the trachea. The same may happen with some knot formed by thread of the work-box. Rush to the vet!

Lip eczema: Teeth look healthy and gums normal, however the dog's mouth exhales a nasty odor. Watch carefully the lips. These skin foldings, specially marked in boxers, Saint Bernard and similar breeds, may even swell. Inflammation provokes sometimes eczema in the lips with distasteful results; cause is very difficult to treat. Any way, veterinarians have special adherent creams, and a complementary general treatment will ease inflammation. Unfortunately it's an slow process. In persistent cases remedy is an apparently simple operation, that consists in lip's suture.

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