Drawing male dogs apart

Hermetic fences or closed doors are not among effective measures, because even animals of a cocker size may get through. Love sharpens inventive! At shops you can find granules, cordons, wicks or sprays to build a bad odor wall around the house to draw males away. That odor will keep them apart for some time. However, that does not frighten a male on a loving tour. It will be better to spray on any estro drop lost at home by the female.

For that purpose a spray is useful. Lotions also have for dogs a repulsive odor. Therefore, they won't feel attracted but the opposite, they'll go away disgusted. The most rigorous defensive method is a gas pistol. These methods are useful, but are not substitutes of a careful vigilance of the female in heat period, especially in the final estro days.

A suggestion: If you give your female dog some chlorophyll preparation, she will loose her body odor, and therefore, that specific odor that attracts males.

Delaying canine heat period for a brief time: If you know the heat period of your female, you may prevent the following estro period.

What to do when tis date arrives at the wrong moment, and you have planned a trip? Then we can use pills. It's a practical and harmless method that can be use also with raising animals. Naturally is limited to concrete cases.

Interruption of heat period: You can do it also using pills, but better go to your vet to get them. It's a simple and harmless method, cause the natural rhythm is recovered quickly.Also you can use it with raising animals. You must not forget the daily pill, or all your plans will be thrown away.

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