Dog Ear diseases

The greatest pleasure for a dog smells through a park in the summer. We leave him free, lively and joyful, and comes back howling, head down and shaking it violently. What happen? It's almost certain a strange body has entered his auditory channel.

Strange bodies in the auditory channel

It's usually a straw or something similar. When moving his head and ears the straw goes in. This produces hard pains in the auditory channel that are so intolerable when the tympanum is affected, that can lead to think of an apoplegia stroke. How to prevent it? The danger maximizes when these little straws grow everywhere on the roads, in summer and autumn. Some dogs, especially those with long ears, have a great facility to attract them. Examine his ears more than once during the walk, cause straws go in slowly. At the beginning are easy to take away.

Important: Extraction is the vet's job, so go to him for attention. The dog suffers and extraction will be complicated if delayed.

A suggestion: Before going for a walk, put some cottons in your dog's ears. Placed them firmly, otherwise will be expelled at the first head shaking.

Ear's diseases




Strange bodies

Very painful

Extraction (vet).

Prevention: regular control of ears. Place cotton in the auditory channels.



  • Cleansing, visual control (vet).
  • Keep clean following vet's indications.
  • Surgery (vet).

Ear's hematoma


Surgery (vet).

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