Entropion in dog VS Ectropion

When treatment for entropion is not efficient and the dog closes his eyes constantly, and his eyelids are impregnated with pus, then perhaps his eyelids are turned inward, the so called entropion, Generally, the animal suffers big pains. In it's initial phase is wrongly consider as conjunctivitis, that will be trated, useless, with creams and drops that will torture the patient. A small surgery is enough to cure it quickly. Conjunctive's inflammation disappears and the eye recover its clear color.

Ectropion: Affection completely opposite to that of the eyelid rolling inwards is also frequent: some breeds like bassets and boxers tend to have the eyelid open outwards. This characteristic is called ectropion. It gives the dog a melancholic aspect, and provokes a conjunctive chronic inflammation. In this cases, surgery is not always, unfortunately, successful. Therefore, if there's no other way, use drops, and I would advice the breeder to separate animals with ectropion from the litter.

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