Examining the oral cavity or mouth of a Dog

Start going around his mouth with your hand swiftly, and touch slowly his denture increasing the pressure gradually. When the angry dog opens his mouth, you must try that his lips are always between your fingers and his teeth. If he closes his mouth he will bite himself, therefore, he won't do it again.

Taking temperature
If you hold your dog by his nape skin, you may introduce a thermometer covered with cream in the anus without trouble. Place it carefully some 5cm inside, and keep it there for 3 minutes. You can say a dog has fever starting, more or less, at 38,5 °C to 39°C. Young animals, however, have a higher temperature than adults.

Pulse frequency
Differing from humans, the number of pulsations per minute is diverse in dogs according to their size, between 60 and 120 pulsations, and more even when excited. You can feel it placing two fingers in the interior side of a back leg, upwards towards the middle. There you can feel well his strong artery. Slight irregularities in the rhythm are normal.

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