Dog Gallstones. Dog & Canine gonorrhea

Pains in urination, an also while making other movements, and a bending of the back, may indicate vesicle calculus (renal calculus are less frequent). Blood in urine is another sign of that affection. But only with X rays you can confirm it. If the stone cannot pass through the urinary channel, then the dog has to be operated. Life expectations are clearly reduced in case of chronic inflammation or uremia.

Urinary system diseases




Heat, lots of liquid (not milk).

Veterinary treatment.


Heat, lots of liquid (not milk).


Veterinary treatment.

Vesicle's calculus

Surgery (vet).

Canine gonorrhea (prepuce inflammation)

Antibiotic shots in prepuce.

Canine gonorrhea: In old dogs is frequently find a purulent little drop, yellow green color, in the hairs of the prepuce's opening, when urinating some of this pus is expelled. So we are talking about canine gonorrhea. It's a prepuce's chronic inflammation, a serious disease. The vet will give us a small plastic syringe, filled with a strong antibiotic, created really to treat cow's udder inflammation. The prepuce's opening is cleaned with cotton or a small cloth, and then the needle of the syringe is introduced in it carefully (not in the urinary channel). We must pour in some drops that cause no pain, and distribute them afterwards through an external massage.
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