Dog Heat period and Dog reproduction

Problems in dog reproduction
Female dogs have heat periods, generally, twice a year, which of course brings some inconveniences. Nevertheless, my advice is to choose alway a female, cause is usually quieter and easier to handle than a male. Besides, if well trained, will defend you furiously, and will be an obedient, first class hunting animal.

If these characteristics do not convince you, you may buy a male. However you'll have to get along with him.

Apart from that, breed's characters and individual disposition are more important than sexual differences. Personally, I respect more a female hunting terrier than a natural meek setter.

Dog female's loving life
Dogs live by nature for love, and usually get upset because of it. As this behavior produces problems, it's worth to study deeply each one of their particular manifestations, and to examine critically modern methods to control their sexual conduct.

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