Dog Hernia, Furuncles and abscess

In the navel zone, the groin or some other place in the abdomen you detect a protuberance. If you press smoothly disappears, but comes out again instantly. You can be sure it's a hernia. Umbilical hernias are especially frequent. Protuberances reaching the size of a hazel-nut may be a mere esthetic defect. However, situation will worsen when the hernia's sack contains a part of the viscera. If strangle, there is a great danger of death; according to an ancient rule, it must be operated before sundown.

Important: Any hernia must be analyzed and treated by the vet!

Furuncles and abscess: If the protuberance is hot and painful, surely it is a furuncle or an abscess. Using bladder's unguent is only useful if the dog can't lick it. If not, got to the vet who will end pain with a simple incision.

Insect bites: In the summer, is not strange to see big swellings on his head. It's due usually to insect's bites. Cold can relieve pain. Press the swelled zone with a plastic bag containing ice and water. However, in case of respiratory troubles, for instance, after a bite in the tongue or throat, rush to the vet, who will inject him an anti-inflammatory product.

Dog allergies: Some sudden protuberances that appear all around the body, giving the dog a leprous aspect, are produced by allergies that means, by hyper-sensible reactions. It's not always easy to find the cause. Maybe is caused by a medicine, a bite or a disused alimentation. If the dog looks ill, the vet will help him with pills or shots; if not, you can wait.

Snake bites: The list of medicines against these bites is large. More than one dog that has come back after a walk in the park, with his head or leg swelled, has suffered the torture of cuts, bandage or suction in the wound. In these cases, I blame mosquitoes though the dog can face some snake, the serpent will have more reasons to fear than him. Nevertheless, if he suffers a bite and moans, seriously ill, you should take him to the vet as security measure. Don't try to cure him by yourself!

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