Canine Hip Dysplasia in Dog and articulation problems

Canine Hip dysplasia is common in dog of big size, perhaps a shepherd? Is he still young, but gets tired in walks? Cause could be a congenital cardiac fault. But if you tell your worries to an expert shepherd dogs breeder, he would probably say: "Hip dysplasia". That means the feared hip articulation dysplasia.

It is a congenital and hereditary malformation, a tragedy for any breeder. The exact diagnostic can only be done after an X ray analysis that the vet will make after applying some anesthesia to the dog.

In no case should you use for reproduction an animal suffering from hip dysplasia. This disease has many degrees. In the slight ones, musculature compensates the articulation defect. Anabolic can help. Yes those used by athletes!

If the defect is serious, surgery will be needed. In case of need, the whole articulation must be sectioned. Think, however, that in these cases, quadrupeds can compensate the situation to a certain point. This expensive operation is made in specialized clinics.

Rheum: If that fatigue appears when old, think about rheum. It could be torturing! The first thing treatment looks for is to relief the pain. It's done through heat, applied in any possible way. Verify the room's temperature at the dog's height, because even in warm houses you can have cold feet. Some movement is recommended; cause is the only way he will keep moving.

A suggestion: Dogs hardly tolerate antirrhinum preparations for persons. Your vet can give you, however, an appropriate medicine for dogs.

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