How to apply a Dog suppository

You can also apply it easily when the dog is lying. The dog, especially if he is very independent, will try to bite at the first time. Later, once he knows the procedure, it would be enough that somebody holds him by his nape skin, while some other grabs his tail with his left hand and introduces the suppository with the right. If it's covered with grease, much better.

To end this, press his tail against the back for a while, and then go out for a short walk. Then he will distract and won't press to expel the suppository.

Introduction of liquids: Keep his snout close with one hand (with the nose upwards). The other hand will push down the inferior lip. Then a second person will pour in easily the medicine. But, what if the dog does not swallows it? In that case, massage the larynx swiftly. However if he starts coughing, cause the liquid has passed through the respiratory channels, leave him immediately. If he likes to bite, you can even tie his snout.

Giving a dog pills: If pills are not distasteful, crumble and mix them with some food, and the dog will eat them quickly. If not, place the pill in a piece of soft sausage, or mince meat and fool him with this morsel. Most of times he will eat it. Pills can be given directly introducing two fingers over the beginning of the tongue. The dog will be obliged to swallow.

Important: Some dogs spit out medicines after an incredible long time. Watch carefully his swallowing!

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