Hydrophobia in Dog

Nobody is free from panic regarding this disease. This virus infection affects persons and animals as well, producing death almost without exception. Some cures are known but nobody can trust them completely. When contagious is produced, the first symptoms appear between a weeks to several months after a fight with an ill animal. Unfortunately these are not typical. Furious irritation comes alongside a maniac obssesion to bite, and a compulsive uneasiness. At present, most of hydrophobic dogs seem to experience torpor; then comes a paralysis that starts at the inferior jaw, and provokes salivating and change of voice, which turns grave.

Though a calm attitude is recomendable, if you have the slightest suspicion of hydrophobia, rush to your vet! These cases however do not compete domestic vets that naturally will advice you anytime, but have to be informed to public administration's veterinary authorities.

Important: Preventive vaccine is very effective and harmless. Use it at the slightest risk of hydrophia in your environment.

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