Lice or malofagos in Dog

Your dog scrapes? Have you discover in him insects like ants but that do not jump? They are, certainly, lice or malofagos. When too numerous louses can seriously damage the dog, causing anemia. Louses only live in dogs, while fleas can go, provisionally, to men. In case of louse infestation, a bath with insecticide is recommended, which will be repeated as indicated by the vet, cause its eggs (nits), fixed in the hair, are not eliminated by many of these products. Fortunately, louses are now rare in well watched dogs.

A suggestion: Get from the vet a preparation that acts internally. The dog stays then impregnated, and when the flea bites him, absorbs a mortal toxic and dies. So his torments die gradually.

Itching: It's caused by small parasites that live on the skin (acarus). If the dog is healthy and has proper care and food, the new skin expels literally these unwanted guests. However, when the dog does not receives appropriate attention, acarus can develop and soon can become a serious menace.

Pungent is a sign of itch, though sometimes not characteristically. When the eye's hair gets thin, and the ear's edge borders, the interior part of legs or other zones start to grudge and itch, then this disease is surely present.

Certainty will only be obtained after a vet's check. Two of the many acarus species have an special meaning for dogs. Follicles acarus (Demodex folliculorum) use to locate in hairs around the snout and eyes. The type of itch produce by this acarus has a slow development, causes few itching, and only derives in serious illness in rare occasions, but is hard to eliminate.

The scab's acarus (Sarcoptes scabiei) may produce quickly, very serious and extense itchy eczemas, as a consequence of bad alimentation or complementary diseases.

Important: You must act against itch with strategy! Start with a diagnosis. To find it you only need a microscope. Then, you'll need an efficient preparation according to the acarus specie; this preparation must be used several times, following prescription. Give the dog good and diverse food, which doesn't means to fatten him.

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