Oral cavity affections in Dog

A close relation with a dog can also become a torture. Sometimes we'll have him begging next to our seat, pantering with hope, and at the same time exhaling a nasty smell. In that case you better check him. Lift the lips and watch his denture.

Tartar: Almost all dogs older than 3 or 4 years will have tartar. It's not serious. Nevertheless, the vet will have to take away the mantle, if there are thick crusts covering the teeth surroundings. In fact, apart from bad odor, tartar causes gum's damages and loosens teeth. You better ask for information about preventive methods.

Answer is simple: the only remedy is to clean his teeth.

A suggestion: To clean teeth don't use your own toothpaste, which has awful taste for dogs, but an special dog's toothpaste.

Veterinarians have buffalo leather's stripes to chew, with enzymes that prevent tartar accumulation.

Oral cavity diseases




Extraction (vet).

Prevention: teeth cleansing, buffalo's skin to sheu.

Moving teeth

Extraction (vet).

Teeth fractures, teeth injures

Treatment of the roots, filling (vet).

Dental fistula

Extraction (vet).

Persistent milk tooth

Extraction (vet).

Gum's inflammation (gingivitis)

Myrrh tincture massage, administration of vitamin C.

Ulcers, suspicion of general infection

Visit the vet.


Surgery (vet).

Strange bodies

Surgery (sometimes very difficult).

Strangling of the tongue

Go to the vet.

Lips eczema

Adherent cream, surgery (vet).

Strong bad odor

Chlorophyll preparations.

Moving dog teeth: When teeth are not fixed, not only produce pain but a nasty smell. They must be extracted as soon as possible, through a quick and harmless operation.
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