Perianal glands inflammation in Dog

Chronic constipation irritates the anus. The result is that both anal glands, whose size is that of a pea and are placed at both sides of the anus, swell and their content is retained. Inflammation of these glands is a real torture for the dog. The animal licks the anus constantly, and drags his back by the floor, "sliding"that could also be a taenia infestation. To cure it, the vet must press the glands, which content has a nasty odor. Then, using an special syringe, he will fill the empty spaces left with an anti-inflammatory preparation.

Unfortunately, perianal glands inflammation can come back again many times. However you can prevent it keeping feces soft enough through an adequate alimentation.

Anus adherence: A careless and long hair dog cannot defecate, no matter his efforts. Cause could be an anus adherence. Hairs are so entangled and sticky by dry feces that deposition looks impossible. Cleansing is repulsive but fundamental.

Dog vomiting: Dogs vomit easily. That's why occasional vomits must not worry too much.

Neurosis: Sometimes animals apparently healthy and well educated, suddenly dirt the house with vomits. If you are sure he is not ill, has no fever, has good appetite and is lively, then think about neurosis.

Dog gastritis: Things can turn ugly when abdominal boards are so irritated they can produce a gastritis, that is, a gastric mucous inflammation. This affection is produced when, for instance, dogs lick first snows (gastritis provoked by snow). If he vomits frequently, a vicious cycle can be generated: when losing gastric acids, the body eliminates too much salt, which against induces vomit. You can give him one of those suppositories people use while traveling to avoid dizzying. If not successful, go to your vet for injections and infusions. In old animals, you'll have to wait one day; in younger ones danger can arrive sooner.

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