Persistent Diarrhea in Dog

This disturbance is lasting some days and your dog looks well, though weakening gradually. You don't know the cause, but must do something. In these cases, we are talking about a persistent diarrhea, though this is not a diagnosis. A complete swab will help him but if you don't have the courage, give him oats pap dressed with meat extract. In this situation, salt is especially important. To prepare it use a middle size cooking-pot. Give the dog a hot minimum ration four times a day, this food can be preserved in the freezer for several days. Even if the dog doesn't eats, you must try again at least three days more. Soon he will start smelling it and then he will eat. At the beginning, give it to him till he is fed up, but don't push him to eat.

As a drink you should give him many black teas, and leave next to him some water. Products with spasmodic and analgesic properties have excellent effect. You will find them at the vets as pills or suppositories; in serious cases you can inject the dog.

A suggestion: In case of diarrhea try the following diet: salad bread sticks and a cola. Many dogs will like it, not all. Effect is positive in most cases.

Dog constipation: As owner of a dog, you should give careful attention to his defecation. Defecation should have the form of a sausage, and the animal must do it without any effort. If he does, and only defecates hard clots, he is suffering from constipation. Then ask yourself about his food. Where is the mistake? Has he eaten too many soft bones? Has he eaten too dried food? If, no matter all this, he still can defecate, it would be better not to give him any laxative or applying an enema. If the cause is nutrition, it must be corrected changing conveniently his food. Canned food usually is slightly laxative, as is crude meat, crude liver, crude eggs, and for some dogs, milk and lacteous products.

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