Dog Pneumonia, Kennel cough, Laryngitis in Dog

Symptoms of this serious and feared illness consist in violent respiratory movements, where the dog has swollen cheeks and high fever. Don' try to treat him by yourself, is very important not to defer proper treatment. Good care, as for instance, a warm place, good food and kind relations are basic.

Laryngitis: Frequently the dog is affected by a laryngitis produced by a cold. Development of the disease may be slow and becomes a torture. Constant and acute coughing, that may even cause vomits, irritate the whole family. Regularly, his general condition is unaltered. Success in treatment is often dubious, and sometimes cure is related with a change in weather. The vet will give you products to stimulate the transport of phlegm, and to mitigate coughing (antitusigenos have few effect in dogs). In this case inhalations will be very useful.

kennel cough: When many animals are kept in a pound, it's not strange that this infection spreads all over the place. Usually affects young animals in breeding places. Home remedies are not useful and usually produce a chronic situation that can derive in pneumonia. When the vet gives you a treatment plan, talk to him also about preventive vaccine.

Strange bodies: The presence of a strange body in the nose or larynx (or trachea) may produce sometimes sneezing (in the first case), or coughing (in the second). Causes are usually grass or small branches. When symptoms appear suddenly and violently, and the mucous flux is in only one nasal orifice, then you can start thinking about an strange body. Remedy, naturally, is extraction, which the vet will do with the help of special instruments and under visual control.

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