Skin infections in Dog

In the dog's skin clearly appear many diseases. If he is not too old, he must have a bright and smooth hair while in good health, unless he is from some curly hair breed.

Fleas: What's the first we think when our dog scrapes violently? He has fleas.

When contacting another dog, probably a flea has jump over him. Examine carefully under his ears and his neck. Examination will be a pleasure for him.

Agile fleas will try to hide, to jump in the precise moment our fingers are approaching.

Fleas have a mortal enemy: vacuum cleaner. In fact, eggs and larvae live in the holes of the floor and the dog's bed. The vacuum cleaner picks them up and impedes their reproduction. Therefore, use it in the dog's basket. Also useful are special sprays for floors.

However, what to do with fleas in the dog's hair? You must get rid of them some way, cause they can transmit tenias to the animal. Radical cure consists in an adequate insecticidal. Once the battle is over, fleas will float death in the bath's water.

If you are not convinced by these methods, there is a guaranteed solution: antifleas collar. This collar acts as follows: the flea passes through the neck zone where the tape is placed in some moment. When doing it the poison of the plastic band will kill it.

Modern collars may also be used while taking a bath, and under the rain; no damage is caused to the animal.

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