Dog has Strange bodies in oral cavity

If your dog suddenly moves his head from one side to another without a visible cause, and rubs desperately the snout with his legs, he could have a strange body in the mouth. But you can also think about intoxication. In most cases you can extract the strange object without help.

Strange bodies in the auditory channel: When the dog has a straw located in the auditory channel, symptoms are the same as a brain stroke. You must read the signs correctly to go to the vet quickly and relieve your dog from his pains.

Behavior alterations


Possible causes

Paralysis, strong pain

Teckel's paralysis

Brief spasms with lost of conscience


Hits his head, rubs it with his legs

Strange bodies (in the oral cavity)

Shakes his head, head inclined, coughs

Strange bodies (in the auditory channel)

Spasms during some minutes, conscious, coughs

Heart stroke

Sensible to contact, inclined head, moaning, tendency to bite


Moaning, crying, tendency to run away (in males)

Love pains

Revolves, screams, swellings (big dogs)

Stomach torsion

Tendency to bite, lack of hygiene


Tendency to bite, defense of the nest, swelling of teats

False pregnancy

Fear, shyness, grave voice, paralysis, salivation


Spasms, suffocation, saliva, vomits, diarrhea, blood in saliva and urine


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