Dog has strange objects in the eyes

Conjunctivitis in one eye may be cause by the introduction of a strange body. Examine carefully the swollen eye. Separate the eyelids smoothly. You better look for someone to help you with a lantern.

Take away the strange body with a small cotton stick. If you can't then get the vet, cause inflammation can only worsen if you keep trying.

Conjunctivitis with no complications is not difficult to treat. Take away dry secretion from the eye's commissure with cotton moisten in chamomile. Then, pour in the eyes some drops to alleviate irritation.

Dark color secretions that slip from the eye's commissure are a problem, especially in dogs with white hair (like poodles). The vet will try to wet the dark hairs with a small cotton stick moisten in oxygenated water, to brighten them up.

Purulent conjunctivitis: In this pathogen syndrome, recognized by the disgusting purulent secretion coming from eyes, drops must have antibiotics. Really it's the same to use drops or cream. Cream effects last longer, but drops are easier to apply. We can see effects after 2 or 3 days.

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