Dog Teckel paralysis

The Teckel frequently are affected in their older age, and sometimes even when young, with the feared Teckel paralysis. It can appear in other breeds too (Pekinese, Spaniel). Teckel are in greater danger due to their large croup. Symptoms go from an imperceptible rigidity to a complete back part paralysis. The cause is a distension of the back musculature, and in serious cases an inguinal hernia. As with rheum, it can be relieved with heat and massages in the back musculature, and in the worst of cases, with surgery.

Important: If pains and paralysis are serious, then you must contact your vet, who will try to relief the pain with shots, radiation, or even physical therapy or surgery. It's not easy to diagnose the development of the affection. Generally, it could be said, there's some hope, even if it is serious and painful. Is recommendable to make slight movements if possible.

Rickets: Young dogs from big breeds like Dogos or Saint Bernard, sometimes, even today, are affected by rickets. Their legs seem swollen with great protuberances in articulations, and besides, considerably curved. In the rib's arch appear some nodules called also rosaries. It's important to take preventive measures, consisting above all in a diverse alimentation, rich in proteins and minerals. For this purpose give him an efficient vitamin preparation containing vitamins A, D and E. This is expensive, but raising a big dog usually is. At present, apart from classic rickets, there is group of similar osseous affections, with very difficult diagnostic.

Important: the treatment must include special hormones which must be authorized by the vet.

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