Dog Teeth fractures

More than once you'll watch that some teeth are broken or fractured. These cases are called teeth fractures. If you can see the root, the dog will suffer strong pains when biting. Treatment must be left to the vet, he will know how to treat roots and place a filling, or extracting some teeth.

Dental fistule: In some occasions we may see a strong swelling under the eye. If not treated, will burst up, after some time, producing a continuous pus secretion. It is, almost certainly, a dental fissure. The only possible treatment is to extract that tooth, which is not quite simple, cause it could be strongly rooted.

Persistent milk teeth: Can you see in the superior row of teeth, a thin piece parallel to the fang? That's what vets call a persistent milk tooth. Is an upsetting matter, because some food rests usually remain there? Gums swell, producing bad odors. Is the dog still within dentition ages? In that case, give him a strong sock, or better, a kitchen cloth to tear and bite.

Important: The cloth must be fixed to some furniture so the dog can pull strongly. If the tooth does not falls down, the vet will have to extract it.

Dog gums: Which is the gums aspect? Are they dark red color and slightly bleeding? If food is diverse and rich in vitamins (which is supposed in modern food preparations), you must take him for a topic treatment. Pour some myrrh tincture-you can buy it in any drugstore-over your index and massage the dog's gum. The massage must be done two or three times a week till his total cure; the dog will quickly get use to massages. I will give the dog as complement, a C vitamin preparation that can be found at shops.

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