Dogs and Sex VS Reproduction

The dog has not, in theory, a heat period, though in practice they do, cause his great moments are associated with the heat period of all the neighborhood's females. This can bring lots of trouble.

If you let him to do what he wants, he would undoubtedly enjoy life, but frequently he will come back bitten, hurt and completely upset, if he comes back! If you lock him up at home or at a doghouse, he will greatly suffer if a female in heat is in the neighborhood. He will soften you with his howlings, scratching doors or refusing to eat. Situation is different in each case. If there are no females near, he will behave normally. If he has just one female friend around, you'll have to face this mess twice a year. However, if you live in a place where there are many other animals, you have to take serious measures. For your own good and to keep friendship with your neighbors.

Sedatives: There is a great variety of guaranteed preparations that help to overcome spiritual crisis. Do not use those of your domestic medicine chest, and ask for a vet's advice. Some medicines for humans sometimes produce incredible reactions in dogs; therefore, some meek animals turn audacious and biting, due to the lost of inhibitions. Sedatives are a great help for brief crisis, but not appropriate for long term treatment.

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